Thursday, May 23, 2013

Arbor Day Poetry Contest Winners

Congratulations to Hailey Lenski, Grade 5 of Craneville Elementary School in Dalton and Andrew "Woody" Woodger, Grade 12 of Lenox Memorial High School for being our winners of the district's first Arbor Day Poetry Contest!

We received over 3 dozen entries and judged them in two age groups: Grades 4-7 and grades 8-12. The winning entries were chosen for their execellent written quality, creativity, and attention to detail. Each student received tree seedlings to plant in their community and three pocket nature guides of their choice.

What Am I?
By Hailey Lenski, Grade 5,
Craneville Elementary School, Dalton

I do not have legs you see,
Just one spot is good for me,
I crumble down when I die,
But I will never close my “eyes”
I still remain, though lying down,
I’ll always be a busy town,
My “citizens” will never flee,
But I could end up the food they eat,
Although my soul still stays alive,
My body will someday start to rot and die,
But may my fellow friends survive,
And always feel the thrill of life,
I provide most air for you, you see,
Giving oxygen you need,
What do you think I am?
I’ll give you a hint, I’m not a man,
A tree I am, and will always be,
A tree who watches over thee.

If You Could Grow You’d Understand
By Andrew “Woody” Woodger, Grade 12
Lenox Memorial High School, Lenox, MA

Then there the tree stood empty and crooning
                        Above my tiny frame,
            Made of stronger stuff than It ever could be

            I lit the fated match
                        Just to see how the Air would dance at my disposal
            With calloused fingers, I flicked the remnant of smoldering denial,
                        and envy,
                                    and sweet wafting of lackadaisical hell-scape
And upon contact, let the tree feed its disease

But yet the crackle of the misdeed sung of a newer Breath of light
            the Indian did not even shed His tear
                        He simply danced in melancholy precision
            Like a fresh Embalmer
            Still too set in his rhythm to realize that Guilt isn’t glee

Fumbled in agony and a related enmity for finer things
            I breathed in the Fire
                        Distilled from an Emerson, and his worthless tools

                        Unabridged, I built a path of Ash
            Of all that Remained
In the wake of the pumiced lung, screams feel as cathartic as glass Reflection

It rather looked like subtle fate when all was said and done
Science didn’t give it a reason for peace, only violence
It seems to me that the lesson would rather contradict than teach
But then again the choir has little gall to listen

because branches make the tree
            The Roots are just for show

June 1st - Wildlife Habitat Bird Walk on Florida Mountain

Join us on Saturday, June 1st, 8am - 10:30am
For a Wildlife Habitat and Bird Walk on Florida Mountain

A panel of experts from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (Mass Wildlife) and Pantermehl Environmental Services will lead an informational bird walk through old field, shrub land, thicket, and mature forest habitats at the Bakke Family’s 800 acre property on Bliss Rd. in Florida, MA (Northern Berkshire County).

Learn about the tools and techniques for creating and maintaining these habitats, including timber harvesting and mowing. Funding sources available through NRCS for habitat work on private property will also be discussed.



At the Florida Fire Dept.
on Rte. 2, travel north on
Tilda Hill Rd. for 1.6
Turn left onto Bliss Rd
and go all the way to the

Thursday, May 16, 2013

May Meeting Agenda

AGENDABoard Meeting May 21, 2013 at 4:00pm
At Conte Federal Bldg, 78 Center St., Ste. 206, Conference Rm., Pittsfield, MA 01201
1.    Call to Order
2.    Secretary’s Report – minutes from 4/16/13
3.    Treasurer’s Report  - transactions since 4/16/13
4.    Bills to Pay – Tree Sale bills, Marita Carroll, MDAR license
5.    Old Business
a)    Partner Organization Updates
b)    2013 Tree Sale Report and Analysis
c)    Viridian RFP
d)    Administrator’s Position
6.    New Business
a)    Suggested Annual Meeting Speakers
7.    NRCS Report
8.    Administrator’s Report
9.    District Development
10.  Announcements
a)    Bird Walk, June 1st
Next Meeting: June 18, 2013 at 4pm              
Attachments: Minutes, Treasurer’s Report, 2013 Tree Sale Report, Admin Report, NRCS report