Wednesday, November 13, 2019

October 3, 2019 monthly Supervisor meeting minutes

Berkshire Conservation District Supervisors Monthly Meeting
Thursday, October 3, 2019

78 Center Street, Suite 206, Pittsfield, MA  01201, Conference Room


  1. Call to Order at 5:00pm - Present: Mary Stucklen, Ron Kujawski,
Holly Aragi, Cynthia Grippaldi

  1. Secretary’s Report - Submitted by Cynthia Grippaldi
  1. Approval of August 26th meeting minutes - Change $400
to approximately $400. Motion to accept by Holly seconded by Mary.

     3. Treasurer’s Report - No bills due, annual meeting will need to
vote on 2020 budget. Motion by Mary to continue September’s
treasurer's report until November meeting. Seconded by Holly.

4. Vacant District Supervisors Positions - Laura Tupper Palches
from Full Well Farm has withdrawn her consideration to join the board. 

5.  No till program - limited response due to late arrival and
liability insurance. Develop a promotional brochure. 
Google form with signing option, by typing in name as signature.
Paypal option for payment? Mary will work with Cynthia to figure this out. 

6.  Cynthia will find someone to update our website. Perhaps Marita Designs.

7.  No Basic & Innovation grant update.

8.  Plant Sale - Discussed possibly offering pollinator and/or native seed
packets along with tree saplings and plants. Further discussion at the November
meeting. Look at previous BCD sale flyers,

9.  Audit - should be done by the end of the year. BCD will use same person
as last year. Search for emails to find auditor.

10. Annual Meeting - Holly will order hot food and staff & board will
bring sides like dessert, green & potato salad. Cynthia will pick up food
and seltzer, wine.  We have a donation from Berkshire Botanical Garden for
an individual membership. Also cutting board, local wine cheese and crackers
(buy at Guidos). Buy basket at goodwill to put stuff in.  Cynthia will create
an annual report. Use last year’s but make it shorter.  

11.  Next meetings - Mary will set a consistent date each month for supervisor
meeting.  November meeting will be longer and include office clean-out.  

Meeting adjourned at 6:01 motion by Holly seconded by Mary.

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