Monday, October 7, 2019

August 26, 2019 monthly meeting minutes

Berkshire Conservation District Supervisors Monthly Meeting
Monday, August 26th, 2019 at 5:00 PM
78 Center St., Suite 206, Pittsfield, MA 01201, Conference Room


1. Call to Order - Mary called the meeting to order at 5:04pm
Present: Mary Stucklen, Ron Kujawski, Holly Aragi, Ned Kirchner, Cynthia Grippaldi

New Business
2. Secretary’s Report - Submitted by Mary Stucklen, Chair
a. Approval of July 10th Minutes - A motion was made by Ned to approve the
Minutes with one edit, seconded by Holly. All were in favor.
b.  Ned reminded the group that he can not access Google Drive, so needs hard
copy of documents sent to him.

3. Treasurer’s Report for July and August, Submitted by Mary Stucklen, Chair
a. Bills Due - none at this time.
b. Greylock loan is paid off.  Interest of approximately $400 and liability insurance
costs can be reimbursed by EEA. 
c.  Ned suggested adding the plant sale to the agenda of the next supervisor meeting.
d.  Holly made the motion to approve treasurer's report, seconded by Ned.

4. District Supervisors
            a. Vacant Supervisor Positions - Laura Tupper-Palches from Full Well Farm has
expressed interest.
b. EEA delay in confirming Ron due to lack of quorum at July 11 meeting.  He can be voted
in at the annual meeting on October 9.

5. No-Till Program Updates
a. Promotion - Cynthia submitted a press release to the Berkshire Eagle, MDAR,
Mass Farm Bureau, all neighboring conservation districts and the BEAT newsletter. 
She also emailed 28 farms directly to announce the program.
            b. Scheduling rentals - Cynthia and Mike discussed the procedure for rental inquiries.
c. Holly commented that several farmers in northwestern CT have requested to
rent the no-till seeder.  Are we constrained to only rent to Berkshire County? Check grant
contract and insurance guidelines. Reach out to Litchfield County Conservation District
and Tom Anderson. In order to increase rentals of the no-till seeder in 2019, Ned made a
motion for Cynthia to determine whether usage outside Berkshire County is allowed.
Ned also made a motion that if it is, to allow farmers from outside Berkshire County
to rent the no-till at the discretion of the board. Holly seconded both motions, all in favor.
Ned made a motion to assign Holly as a facilitator to rent the no-till in Litchfield
County if approved by the state. Mary seconded, all in favor.

7. Administrative Assistant Update
a. Office Hours - Ned made a motion to increase the Program Administrators hours
as needed to get the no-till program up and running. Seconded by Holly, all in favor.
            b. Grant Proposal to New England Grassroots Environmental Fund. Board is
requested to submit comments to Cynthia by September 6, 2019.

8. Basic & Innovation Grant Update for FY 2020 - Cynthia to check in with Tom
Anderson about any updates to grant status.

9. Other new business 
 a.  Annual Meeting - Discussion regarding what date to have the meeting.  October 9th
at Pine Island was suggested. 5:00 pm cocktails, 5:30 meeting, 6:00 dinner. Ned made a
motion to allot a budget of $600 for food, to acquire products for a raffle and other
meeting expenses. Holly seconded, all in favor. Event will be free with suggested donations.
b.  Audit - Ned made a motion to contract with the same person that did our audit last year. 
Holly seconded, all in favor.
c.  Web site - Holly made a motion to budget $250 for someone to help Cynthia update our website.
Ned seconded, all in favor.
              d.  Next Meeting Location, Confirmation and Post.  Next meeting is scheduled for Sept.
11 at 5:00 pm at the BCD conference center.  Cynthia will remind board and post agenda
on BCD blogspot.

10. Adjournment - Holly made a motion to adjourn was made at 6:33pm and seconded by Ned. 
All in favor.

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