Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Minutes for February 13th Meeting

Berkshire Conservation District Monthly Meeting
Wednesday February 13th, 2019 at 5:30 PM
Arizona Pizza, 395 Pittsfield Rd, Lenox MA

1. Call to Order- Mary Stucklen, Chair, called the meeting to order at 5:38pm.
In attendance: Holly Aragi, Ned Kirchner, and Mary Stucklen.
Absent: Bob Lear.

New Business
2. Secretary’s Report - Submitted by Mary Stucklen, Chair
a.  January 23rd minutes. After reviewing the notes, Ned made a motion to accept the minutes from the meeting, with Holly second. All were in favor.
3. NRCS Report
            a. January Report. There was a brief discussion about the contents of the report, and that the district is looking forward to working with NRCS in the coming months with the new no-till program.

4. Treasurer’s Report for October through January, Submitted by Mary Stucklen, Chair. After reviewing the report, Ned made a motion to accept the report, with Holly second. All were in favor.
a. Bills to Pay- There are no current bills to be paid, and there was a discussion about the $40 check for a gift card in 2018. Mary would follow up with the customer, possibly send him a product from the office, and report back to the district.
5. No-Till Grant Updates:
      There was discussion about the contracts for the No-Till grant programs. The board discussed allowing Mary to move forward with all grant applications. Ned made the motion to allow Mary to sign the grant contracts, with Holly second. All were in favor.
      a. Updated Scope for EEA- Mary presented an updated scope for the EEA innovation grant, and there was discussion about the proper contents of the scope and data that would make sense. Mary would complete the scope and send it to the EEA as soon as she can.
6. Program Administrator’s Position
a. Potential Candidates – There was discussion about the candidates that had applied for the position, closing on Feb 20th. The group agreed that the candidate that emailed the district, along with the top five candidates from Indeed should be considered and shared with Ned. These candidates would be called to interview with the district.
b. Interview Date(s)- The dates for the interviews were set, including Saturday February 23rd and Wednesday the 27th.
7. Administrative and Organizational Plans for 2019
a. Supervisor Search- This is put on hold for now, or until the assistant is hired.

Continued Business
8. Other new business – Mary mentioned that the website was down, and that she didn’t know it well enough to bring it back to working condition again. Ned made a motion to ask Marita, the previous website designer, to help fix the website, up to $200 dollars. Holly seconded, all were in favor.
9. Announcements – None at this time.
10. Adjournment: Ned made the motion to adjourn, with Holly second. All were in favor.

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