Friday, September 14, 2018

Minutes for August 8th Meeting

Board Meeting of the Board of Supervisors:
Wednesday, August 8th, 2018 at 5:00 PM Silvio O’Conte Building
78 Center St., Suite 206, Pittsfield, MA 01201, Conference Room

Minutes from the August 8th Meeting

1. Call to Order- 5:23pm by Mary Stucklen
i. Public Present: A Mr. Lawrence Kelley from Pittsfield
ii. BCD Members Present: Mary Stucklen, Amy Burdick, Holly Aragi, Gail Ceresia
iii. BCD Members Absent: Ned Kirchner, Bob Lear
2. Secretary’s Report-
i. Review of minutes by members and the public. Correction by Amy: changing “training session” to “training session conference call” in regard to training led by phone by Jane Obaggy.
            Motion to accept Secretary’s report, made by Amy, second by Holly, all are in favor.
3. NRCS Report –
            i. No NRCS agent present.
4. Treasurer’s Report
i. Two corrections: Nourse Farms Check from 2028 to 2018; Change “Plant Sale” to “Bulb Sale”
Motion made by Holly to accept the Treasurer’s report, second by Amy, all in favor.
  1. Spring Plant Sale Closing
    1. 3,254.61 was the profit made from the Spring sale.
  2. Bills to Pay
    1. Courier Printing: 360.00
    2. Zip N Sort: 501.81
    3. Staples Receipt 40.97
Motion made by Amy to pay all bills, Holly second, all are in favor.
  1. Receipt Refunds (b.iii)
5. Program Administrator’s Report
  1. Hours Worked July 16th - August 8th
  2. Description of work, continuing and new
    1. Gail has cleaned the office; has made phone calls regarding workshops, the annual meetings, reaching out to other groups; finished up secretarial duties including the minutes and agenda editing; working on supervisor outreach. Mentioned workshops and other opportunities.
    2. The hours worked that will be submitted will be from July 1st - August 1st
Motion to continue this report until the September meeting; Made by Amy, second by Mary, all are in favor.

Continued Business
6. FY18 Operational Budget 
i. FY 19, not FY 18, was a part of the grant and we do not necessarily need to return to it at the present moment.

New Business
7. Annual Meeting
            i. Holly is part of the Berkshire County Farm Bureau and is interested in co-hosting the annual meeting to give our annual meeting more pull for legislators, etc.
            ii. Gail would like to do a pot-luck, harvest-time, outdoor event for next year.
  1. Date/Time ~ if not collaborating, Thursday, October 18th, 2018 ~ Cocktails 5:30 and Meeting Start at 6:00. Speaker …?
  2. Location
    1. Cork & Hearth, seats 80 people, Top meal $28-34 (w/ gratuity & tax, coffee, dessert, salad), Gail will check for availability.
  3. Collaborators/Events
    1. We want a speaker that would interest and environmentalist.
      1. Fred Civian from Boston Mass DEP can talk about stormwater, pollution, finding farmers, etc.
      2. UMass Amherst speakers, Lori Kennedy? Scott Jackson? These names and others were mentioned as possible speakers.
8. FY 2019 Audit: Scheduling and Requirements 
i. We had an auditor last year, but we need a more detailed auditor. We need someone who is professionally an auditor.
ii. Amy and Gail will investigate a good auditor. Amy said the board would allow $1,000 last year for an auditor.
Holly makes a motion to pay $1000 for a CPA auditor, Amy second, all are in favor.
9. MACD items to be addressed.
i. They are attending the next meeting, so they could maybe explain audit qualities. Typical roles, areas of improvement, just info on how to be more efficient.
10. Program Administrator’s Position:
    1. Total Work Hours – Average 10 hours a week. Can fluctuate each week with a maximum of 40 a month. One payroll submission a month.
    2. Office Hours and Schedule –
      1. Gail will submit a proposed schedule, or two, at the next meeting (sept 12?)
    3. Workload: i.e. Tasks, projects, responsibilities
      1. Gail does not do the financial and secretarial duties of the district. Gail is concerned about not doing the bookkeeping, bills being left in the office, etc. Amy wants a system to rely on and possess all of the bills, etc.
    4. Paperwork: i.e. Timesheet, mail
      1. The timesheet will be the same from now on.

Executive Session:
    1. Review
    2. Other concerns

11. Other new business
  1. Announcements
    1. There are none.
12. Adjournment -Mary Stucklen – 7:35pm

Upcoming Events/Meetings:
Next Board Meeting Wednesday, September 12th, 2018 at 5 PM Silvio O’Conte Building, Pittsfield, MA

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